However you serve,
live true and brave.


We’re building peaceful communities through sports and education.

The Maria Toorpakai Foundation is dedicated to building peaceful communities and gender equity by investing in sports, education and healthcare for young girls and boys across the world.

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Every child should be free to play and learn in peace.


True humanist. Athlete activist. Loving daughter.

Meet Maria

Having disguised her gender, defied stereotypes, and faced threats from the Taliban to become one of Pakistan’s top squash players, it’s clear that nothing will stop Maria Toorpakai Wazir from reaching her dreams.

But Maria has another dream: to fight for women’s rights in Pakistan and opportunities for youth across the world.

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 The will to change the game. The power to change the world.


Calling all Athlete

Not all athletes are athlete activists. What defines us is our belief that the talents god has given us, and the accolades we have earned, provide us both special obligations and opportunities to make our communities more just and more equitable.

In today’s world, let sports not only bring us together, but move us forward.

I urge you, whether you are a professional, weekend athlete or fan, let your voice be heard on and off the court.


I want to tell girls fear is taught, you are born free and brave.

Maria Toorpakai Wazir