For every woman and child of war and oppression struggling to play and learn in peace, may our work help light your paths to freedom.


Bannu Women and Children’s Hospital

Women in Pakistan’s tribal lands of North Waziristan struggle to get medical care from mostly male hospital staff in a culture with taboos against gender mixing.

Without basic healthcare needs met, women and children cannot dare to dream, let alone play sports or focus on education.

That’s why we’re opening the first medical care facility for women and their children in Bannu.This 24-hour, 20-bed secure hospital is scheduled to open in the summer of 2019.


Border Games

Despite sharing deep historical, ethnic and cultural roots, relations among the nations of Central Asia have been strained since Pakistan declared its independence in 1947.

To remind one another of our common heritage and that we are "inseparable brothers,” our Foundation launched the Border Games: squash tournaments designed to pursue peace, solidarity and greater understanding among Pakistan and its neighbors.


Peace through Sport

Young people experience trauma across the globe. Many don’t want to talk about what happened to them, or they don’t know how.

Yet whether they live in the displacement camps of Waziristan or streets of Chicago, when they play sports their eyes light up.

We provide squash clinics to help children with adversity. To provide safe spaces for them to laugh, connect and heal—to feel like children again.


Sports Science Innovation Center

The dreams of world-class athletes can only be realized through the sweat, hard work and training—of both the body and mind.

Our Sports Science Innovation Center will serve as a boarding school for elite athletes and a state-of-the-art training facility. With the first center planned for Islamabad, our goal is to replicate globally, connecting the world peacefully through sports and education.


WillPower: Activist Athlete Summit

Not all athletes are athlete activists. What defines us is our belief that the talents god has given us, and the accolades we have earned, provide us both special obligations and special opportunities to make our communities more just and more equitable.

Indeed, we have the will to change the game, and the power to change the world.

The summit is set-aside time to come together with other like-minded athlete activists to energize the hard work each one of us do back home.

Plans are now underway to organize the first annual WillPower Summit of Athlete Activists for March 2020.